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When you need a bit of style and luxury at your next event.

Hosting an upscale outdoor event can pose several logistical challenges – not least among them are
finding appropriate restroom facilities. One effective solution is renting luxury mobile restrooms. With
separate facilities for men and women, your guests couldn’t ask for more! These facilities are closer
to a Hollywood A-List star’s on-set trailer than the typical restroom rental.


an outdoor wedding is a perfect way to begin your life together, and hosting your friends and family in a rustic or waterside setting makes your day even more special. Don’t put a damper on your special day by providing your loved ones with less than ideal bathroom options. Add luxury mobile restrooms to your rental list today, and your guests will surely thank you!


The mobile restroom rentals are convenient to have for outdoor parties and events because people will need to use the bathroom at some point and should be able to easily have access to one rather than walking around searching for one to use. If you are planning a large outdoor event, you should contact PNM Rentals.

Corporate Events

events can either be unforgettable or a bit of a drag, depending on the culture and camaraderie of the firm hosting the event. If you work in corporate event planning, you know that when an event is deemed to be less than spectacular, the blame will likely fall at your feet. With luxury mobile restrooms you are sure to receive rave reviews for at least one aspect of the event!

Mobile Restroom Virtual Tours

No matter your needs, we have a luxury restroom that will accomodate you. From our 2 station luxury restroom to our 5 station luxury restroom and both of their beautiful and durable finishes your guests will be happy.

Take a video walkthrough tour, view a list of each restrooms features or reserve yours today. Use the button below to explore more.




Outdoor Concerts

who doesn’t love a music festival or a local outdoor concert? Make memories with friends listening to some tunes, picnicking, and getting your groove on! If you are planning and promoting such an event, don’t forget about the luxury restrooms, or your dancing flower children may just wander away!


Dinners, Parties and Events

a good host or hostess takes care of their guests’ every need, and that includes providing separate men’s and women’s bathroom facilities. Renting luxury restrooms will help to continue the desired ambiance of the event without having to worry about guests entering your home unattended. Hosting a large event can be a stressful experience, especially if you are worried about a large number of people wandering through your home. Outdoor luxury restrooms can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your guests’ needs are being met and your carpets are safe from people traipsing through your house.


Take it up a notch

If you or your firm are hosting an outdoor event, don’t let your guests down by providing subpar restroom facilities. Contact us today to learn more about how luxury mobile restrooms can help make your next outdoor event a complete success!

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