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Are you going to be hosting a corporate event outdoors? Maybe you have rented a local venue with indoor facilities, but you’re going to be taking the event outside as well. How many people are going to be in attendance? As you plan out the food, entertainment and other important aspects of the event, simple matters are important, too. For example, you want to be sure everyone has access to a bathroom at all times.


You don’t want people at your event uncomfortable because they can’t find a bathroom at times. That being said, mobile restroom rentals for corporate events can be a great idea. If you contact PNM Rentals, you can book your rentals ahead of time to have them delivered by the day of the event.

Let’s say that the venue you rent has a bathroom inside. That’s great, but what if too many people need to use it at once? Furthermore, if you take the event outside, is the indoor bathroom going to be a little too far for people to walk? In those circumstances described above, a portable restroom could be a great solution.

You might be thinking that you don’t want a portable toilet at your event. However, did you know that there are luxury mobile restrooms available? They have all the amenities and even allow guests the pleasure of washing their hands afterwards. At a corporate event, that’s what you want of course, so keep that in mind as you are planning the event.

You are going to want to think about placement when it comes to the portable restrooms that you rent. You can talk those matters over with PNM Rentals, too, and ask any questions that you may have. Is your event going to be in the evening? If so, then you might need a light for the guests so that they can see as they make their way around to the portable restroom.


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So whether your company is hosting it’s annual barbeque or an informal shareholders meeting, you should consider their comfort while using the restroom. Having a luxury mobile restroom at your event will certainly elevate it to the next level.

Instead, contact PNM Rentals and get a luxury mobile restroom for your next corporate event.

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