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Depending on your event type you may consider or need different sized luxury mobile restrooms. We offer various sizes to accomodate all our clients needs. Scroll down to view our single user, flushable and portable restrooms.


Flushable Portable Restrooms

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Our single user, portable restrooms are packed with features. These include: foot pump flush system, toilet seat and cover, urinal or excluded for use exclusively for women, soap dispenser, mirror, paper towel dispenserand a convienent coat hook.

2 station luxury mobile restrooms layout

• 40-gallon flip-top waste tank
• Foot pump flush
• Toilet seat and cover
• Urinal if desired or excluded for women’s designation
• 22 gallon internal hand wash station
• Pro-mount board with soap dispenser, mirror & paper towel dispenser
• Coat hook

Wedding Rentals

Planning a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about the facilities the guests will have to use. If the location of the event simply isn’t equipped to handle the number of guests you plan on celebrating with, there is a convenient and suitable way to address the problem.

Corporate Events

Are you going to be hosting a corporate event outdoors? Maybe you have rented a local venue with indoor facilities, but you’re going to be taking the event outside as well. How many people are going to be in attendance? 

Party Rentals

If you are throwing a large outdoor event or party, you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about the types of decorations you want to use, the entertainment you want to have, and the food you are going to serve for everyone to enjoy. 

If you are planning an event or party, portable restrooms are usually a part of the arrangements. People will have to use a restroom at a certain point, which means that you should have the portable restrooms ready.

Are you a resident of Maryland, Delaware, or Pennsylvania that needs to get portable restrooms for an event or a construction site? Call us at PNM Rentals. We are the top provider of luxury mobile restrooms for clients that have;

Planning these events is challenging, and you must always ensure that you get your guests suitable restrooms. Call us at PNM Rentals to get luxury mobile restrooms from a company that is organized and trustworthy.

Benefits of our luxury mobile restrooms



Luxury portable restrooms come with AC as well as temperature-controlled heating. We ensure that the restrooms are not too humid as this can result in them becoming uncomfortable.

We know that you want your guests to have the best of everything at the event, so we also provide slide-out stairs with a platform and railing. This ensures that the guests will not have a hard time when using mobile restrooms.



Our restrooms have good lighting as well as large-sized mirrors. Your guests can freshen up at the restroom, too, as we have sinks with metered faucets.

This is a good option for guests because events often come with meals and drinks and these could spill on someone. You want your guests to have a place where they can get cleaned up easily and be comfortable while doing it.



Having enough space in the restroom is important so that the guests do not feel like they are cramped up when using it. Our luxury mobile restrooms are spacious enough to make the users comfortable.

We also have safety lights to prevent accidents. Make sure your guests have the best by renting luxury portable restrooms.

luxury mobile restroom being set up

Why Choose PNM Rentals?

Choosing PNM Rentals as the company to get your portable restrooms for any event is the best choice you can make. This is because;


Our restrooms are made with the users in mind. We ensure the best quality so that our clients can have an easy time during outdoor events. The portable restrooms we provide are equipped with pressure controlled water because we know that this is the most crucial part of the restroom. They also have a sizeable waste tank so you do not have to worry about inconveniences during the event.


We have competitive pricing that matches the high-quality restrooms that we rent out to clients. Call us today and talk to our team to get a price quote for the restrooms.

Let us help you take your event to the next level. Call PNM Rentals today at (484) 756-8013.

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