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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of water & electrical connections do you need when hooking up a trailer?

For the highest capacity and best connection possible, it is best to have the restroom trailer hooked up to a standard water hose bib.

Electrical: It is best to have the trailer plugged into a 15 AMP dedicated outlet. (“Dedicated” means no other vendors are going to plug into it) We use 12/3 power cords and bring approx 100ft with us.

Can you bring water & electric supply if we do not have it?

Yes, we can bring water on-board all of our trailers in our hidden fresh water tanks, however keep in mind you are limited to that capacity which may not match your guest count + event duration. Electric can be supplied by our Super Quiet Honda generators.

What type of surfaces can you park the trailer on?

It is always best to park the trailer on a flat, hard, dry, & level surface such as an asphalt driveway or stone. We can park on grass but it must be very level with no curbs to go over or have water drainage issues.

How big of a trailer do I need for my event?

This depends primarily on two factors- guest count and duration. Generally for every 100 guests you need to have at least one more suite or stall added to cover the count. Add  alcohol to an event and expect 15% more usage on top of that. Typical receptions run 4 hrs long. If you are running longer, consider the extra time accordingly to your trailer choice. Is it enough? We’ll let you know…we only want to rent what is appropriate in size and your personal preference.

How much room do you need to get it in/out?

It depends on which model you choose, but the bulk of our drop-offs are done with a full size 1-ton pick-up truck. Even our smallest trailer hooked to the truck is about 30ft in length and requires ample space to navigate in/out of most locations.

Are the restroom trailers ADA compliant?

Most restroom trailers on the market today are not ADA compliant and PNM does not carry them in our fleet. However, where compliancy is required, we typically provide an ADA compliant portable next to the restroom trailer.

Why are your prices not listed on your website?

Simple- our competitors would use these price points to quote customers pricing just under ours and put simply- you’re not getting the same level of products as you are with us, but they won’t tell you that. Each event is unique with different needs/variables, and the pricing adjusts for those variables. Rest assured, we have the best trailers out there for the money. Some customers require long distances, difficult trailer positioning, generators, water tanks, attendants, etc.-.and some don’t.

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes. Depending on your location, we will adjust our delivery charge to reflect actual cost to us such as tolls, diesel fuel, drive time, site surveying, etc. You will only be charged what these items cost us-we do not up-charge line items, as so many companies do.

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