Portable Single User Showers

Small Showers for Smaller Events

When you don’t need a full trailer full of showers for your smaller event we can provide you these upscale, single user showers that are sure to thrill your guests.


Single User Showers

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All of our single user, portable showers are chocked full of features and benefits including: on-demand water heater, hand held shower nozzle, up to 18 hours of hot water usage, soap dispenser and full length shower curtain.

2 station luxury mobile restrooms layout

• Propane-fueled, on-demand water heater
• Removable hand-held shower nozzle with separate hot and cold water valves
• A 20-pound propane tank powers the heater for up to 18 hours of use at a flow rate of 1.4 gallons per minute
• Vanity shelf

• Spray Soap dispenser
• Coat hooks mounted to the door and to each of the right and left walls just inside the door
• Full-length shower curtain
• 12-gallon containment skid with threaded fittings in each runner that allows gray water to be piped away to an exterior holding tank or sewer system

Wedding Rentals

Planning a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about the facilities the guests will have to use. If the location of the event simply isn’t equipped to handle the number of guests you plan on celebrating with, there is a convenient and suitable way to address the problem.

Corporate Events

Are you going to be hosting a corporate event outdoors? Maybe you have rented a local venue with indoor facilities, but you’re going to be taking the event outside as well. How many people are going to be in attendance? 

Party Rentals

If you are throwing a large outdoor event or party, you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about the types of decorations you want to use, the entertainment you want to have, and the food you are going to serve for everyone to enjoy. 

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