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People who use septic holding tanks rely on regular pump-outs to keep their surroundings clean and sanitary. Unfortunately, emptying the holding tanks regularly to keep things in good working order can be a hassle, especially on a busy schedule.

We however come bearing good news! PNM Pumping Services is here to help. We are experts at septic tank and holding tank pumping services for RVs, Boats, Studio Trailers, and more. Our mobile services save you the trouble of having to go to the dump. Let us come to you!


Holding Tank Pump Outs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware

Do you own a commercial studio trailer, travel trailer, boat, motorhome, toy hauler, or an RV? Our local sanitation professionals pump them on-site and dispose of both black and grey water to keep your plumbing system at its best.

Mobile vehicles have a different waste management system than stationary homes. In this sense, they have a camper septic system that comprises a holding tank. As the name suggests, a holding tank is sewage, greywater, or other liquid waste containment system. It simply holds the waste before it can be disposed of.

Septic tanks, on the other hand, break down wastewater and spread the effluent via your leaching field. This means that with a holding tank, you need to empty waste when it’s full because the waste is not being broken down. Failure to pump can result in sewage overflow, which will greatly affect sanitation and daily domestic routines.

Our Expertise

Details Matter

Getting a pump-out for your RV or boat can be a pain, especially if you have to go somewhere to get it done. With PNM, you don’t have to be concerned about such processes. Allow us to pump out your boat or RV. We’ll even visit your location. Our services are as follows:

• On-Site Sewage Disposal System Pumping

Do you have a mobile office or a camper where wastewater and solids are collected and stored in holding tanks? Allow us to pump out the sewage so that it can be treated and properly disposed of. Our pump truck is waiting for you, fully equipped and ready to work. We take pleasure in having cutting-edge equipment that can complete tasks while others struggle.

• Recreational Vehicle(RV) and Trailers Septic Holding Tank Pumping

One of our most popular services is RV pumping. Individuals who live in their RV full-time frequently request this service. When a customer requests this service, their black and grey water tanks will be taken care of exceptionally. Our pump trucks have specific fittings that make waste collection quick and straightforward.

Even if your RV can’t move, we are here for you. We will handle your waste for you after arranging a pumping service. Owning an RV shouldn’t be a stressful experience, and our knowledgeable staff strives to make it as easy as possible by delivering fast service at reasonable rates!

How Do You Know If Your Holding Tank Is Ready To Be Pumped Out?


To prevent overfilling, most modern holding tanks are fitted with two alarms: one audio and another visual. It’s also a good idea to visually inspect your holding tank regularly to determine whether it’s time for a pump-out. This prevents nasty disasters while guaranteeing a long life for your plumbing systems.

PNM Rentals: Pro Pumping Services for Septic Tanks, RV’s, Trailers, and Other Waste Holding Tanks.

We can service your RV, trailer, boat, and camper pump-outs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. As a renowned family-owned local business, we service hundreds of RVs each year and have the skill, professionalism, and machinery needed to tackle all kinds of jobs.

When dump stations are not available, give us a call! We will assist with both grey and black water holding tanks. Let us give you some peace of mind and worry-free travel with our convenient on-site RV pumping service. Contact us now at 484.756.8013!

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